You’re planning your wedding! Years from now, these will be among your most exciting memories! Right now, though, you can’t wait to get started! You’re buying wedding magazines and you’re starting to explore possible venues. You’re dreaming of your ideal wedding gown, and you may have even asked your bff to be your maid of honour!

There is no doubt that hiring a wedding planner is money well spent. However, a professional wedding planner charges an average of $2500-$3500 to completely plan a wedding. That fee drops to around $1500 if all you need is someone to coordinate the actual wedding day. And that is in addition to all the other wedding expenses! 

But what if you could have a wedding planner support you as you planned your own wedding, for a fraction of the cost? 

Now you can!



  • Your Engagement
  • Creating Ambiance
  • Setting the Date
  • Wedding Web Site
  • Wedding at a Glance
  • The Wedding Budget
  • Wedding Budget Master List
  • The Wedding Party
  • Your Wedding Dress
  • Planning Calendars
  • Thinking Ahead to the Reception
  • Reception Site Worksheet
  • Caterer
  • Caterer Worksheet’
  • Photographer, Videographer and DJ
  • Photographer Worksheet
  • Videographer Worksheet
  • DJ Worksheet


  • Guest List
  • Shopping for your Wedding Gown
  • Wedding Gown and Accessories Worksheet
  • To Complete Your Look
  • Dressing the Wedding Party
  • Maid of Honour Worksheet
  • Bridesmaid Worksheet
  • Flower Girl Worksheet
  • Groom’s Formalwear Worksheet
  • Best Man’s Formalwear Worksheet
  • Groomsman’s Formalwear Worksheet
  • Ring Bearer’s Worksheet
  • Jewelry Worksheet
  • The Wedding Cake
  • Baker Worksheet
  • Home Weddings


  • Florists
  • Floral Worksheet
  • Thinking Ahead to the Reception
  • Reception Menu Worksheet
  • Invitations
  • Invitation Wording Worksheet
  • Reception Cards
  • Reply Cards
  • How Many Invitations Do You Need?
  • Stationery Worksheet
  • Transportation
  • Transportation Routing Sheet
  • Tents
  • Rentals


  • Addressing Envelopes
  • The Gift Registry
  • Recording Gifts and Thank You Notes
  • Must Have Photographs
  • Must Have Video Shots
  • The Wedding Ceremony
  • Marriage License
  • Ceremony Music Worksheet
  • Reception Music Worksheet
  • Honeymoon Planning Checklist
  • Bride’s Timeline and Checklist
  • Groom’s Timeline and Checklist


  • Rehearsal Worksheet
  • Rehearsal Dinner Worksheet
  • Rehearsal Dinner Guest List
  • Reception Seating Worksheet
  • Floor Plan of Reception Area
  • The Bar
  • Bride’s Last Minute Checklist
  • Groom’s Last Minute Checklist
  • Wedding Day Timeline
  • Wedding Day Schedule


The guide in pdf format, consisting of five sections. print out what you need for your binder, read the sections, and make any notes you need.

Weddingology in pdf form

One (1) Skype, FaceTime, or phone consultation (up to one hour each) for each unit, during which we will discuss your plans thus far and I will answer any questions you may have regarding your wedding.

Unlimited Email correspondence

Vendor Contract Review

Ceremony Order Outline

Reception Agenda complete with timeline

Personalized To Do List (from our discussions)


Plan each aspect of your wedding right the first time and avoid having to go back and do it over.


Everything you need is in the 105-page pdf guide and the 278-page text! Print out the worksheets and checklists you need.


Wedding planners charge $2500-$3500 to plan a wedding. And that is in addition to all the other wedding expenses! 

Choose a Pricing Option

5 payments of $125/month

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A new module every week, for a low price of $125 a month!



Make a one-time purchase of only $497 and save $128 CAD